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We assist sellers with steps to take prior to considering the sale of a home, help them prepare for listing and later market their homes, finally negotiating the best possible solution for them.

Ask yourself:

  1. Have you contacted your lender to discuss pre-payment penalties, bridge financings, porting, etc.?
  2. Have you begun to prepare your home for the market by de-cluttering?
  3. Do you know what your home is worth?
  4. Are you considering any home improvements? Consider doing some research to find out whether your improvements may qualify under programs such as the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate or Save on Energy. Inquire before you begin your project.

Market Analysis

Buy or sell first? That’s tricky. After all, if you find a purchaser for your existing home before you’ve found a new one, you may find yourself living out of a suitcase if convenient closing dates cannot be negotiated. On the other hand, if you find your dream home before you’ve unloaded your old one, you may be faced with carrying two mortgages for a time.

Do your homework and have a good idea about the neighbourhood and type of home you’re looking for. Do an honest evaluation of your family’s needs and budget. Have the professionals in to assess the market value of your home, where we determine a reasonable price based upon how it compares to other recent sales and activity.

If you’ve found a home, before you’ve sold your existing one, you can use “sale of your existing home” as a condition on your offer. If you don’t sell your house within a fixed period of time, you can choose not to go through with the offer. This, however, is a difficult condition for many vendors to agree upon and you may find that you have to forgo your price negotiating power.

Purchasing a home before you sell could be a risky strategy if you’re counting on the proceeds from the sale.

If you’ve found a purchaser before you’ve found your next home, you can use “purchase of a new home” as a condition when you sign back the agreement. Again, it will only be for a fixed time. Even if you have not found the ideal next house by the time the deal closes, you may still wish to proceed with the offer. As a buyer with a “sold house”, you will be in a better position to negotiate price.

While we all believe that our home is our castle, our personal tastes may not appeal to everyone. We will work with you to give you an impartial analysis of your home – how it relates to other “competing” homes on the market and how your home reflects current design and style trends. We have professionals that we work closely with (stagers and cleaners) that we can provide to you for a recommendation. We will also take a good look at the general condition and upkeep of your dwelling.