The real-estate market has changed in Guelph & Wellington County

Random Tidbit March 23, 2022

“Thirty years ago selling your house was drastically different than selling your home today. What was once a relatively simple process now has several more underlying moving parts. If you haven’t bought or sold a house in a while, these changes may feel overwhelming or daunting. Rest assured, our team of REALTORS are here to educate and guide you through the ever-changing process of buying and selling real estate.

Let us take you back to circa 1992 when agents received information on new listings from their local real estate board office.

A single photo and a short description of the house for sale were published in a small catalogue containing other properties that recently hit the market, readily available for agents to pick up at their local board office. Both buyers and agents had little information available for new homes that just came on the market. Contact with clients relied on pagers, in-person meetings or phone calls, and faxing was used to send over transaction paperwork. As a buyer, there was much less accessibility to your Realtor and to information about listings. In turn, as a seller, it was a lot harder to get exposure on your listing.”

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